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IT Services

for small businesses

I custom-make tools to boost your productivity... you can stay focused on what you actually love doing.

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Learn how GMail, Google Calendar, Spreadsheets and more can make your life easier.
I can assist you in transitioning to those tools and teach you how to use them efficiently.


I use scripts to connect all your data and automate repetitive tasks.

I help you organise your data for an efficient use.


Have a clear vision on what your actual costs are, how your business is performing and what could be improved.
Figure out which products/activities are most profitable.
Plan your production ahead.


This service is targeted at small businesses / auto-entrepeneurs. I first come to you to have a look at your workflow and chat about your needs, free of charge.
I then come up with a series of propositions.


After an Engineer degree in IT followed by a Masters of Science in Artificial Intelligence, I spent 6 years working in a private AI research laboratory, where I quickly realised how critical spending time efficiently is and how valuable programming and automation can be. 

Why do I do this?

I've always enjoyed finding creative solutions so everyone can stay focused on what they do best. I am now willing to share this expertise with you, so you can focus more on what you really love.



Ilias the Greek bakes traditional Greek sweets in Billinudgel, NSW.


A script reads the markets and orders for the week from his calendar, and computes all the products that he has to prepare. It tells him how many batches he has to bake, and how much ingredients, packaging, as well as workforce will be needed. All those computations are dynamic so if a recipe changes, the changes are immediately reflected throughout the workflow. He also knows how much exactly this week’s production is going to cost him. Based on the history of previous markets, he also knows how much he can expect in takings. And as he has filled his calendar ahead, he is is able to plan his production, workforce needs and cash flow for the whole year.

He also can see easily which products sell best, as well as how much they actually cost him. He can also see which markets are worth it or not.

Prior to meeting Patrick our business was run by manually calculating all projected production run quantities as well as data logging being very inefficient! So after a conversation with Patrick, an idea to make an app to suit prevailed!
This app has saved us copious amounts of time, energy (& money) by giving us a clear planning methodology to run the business with. Patrick is also very quick to add modifications as the business develops & changes. Thank you Patrick & OPA!

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