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Patrick Sterlin

Zenthai Shiatsu Therapist
& Teacher

in the Byron Shire

what is Zenthai Shiatsu?

Experience powerful therapeutic bodywork to restore and maintain space and movement in your body so you can reach your full potential.


Zenthai Shiatsu weaves together the arts of Zen Shiatsu, Traditional Thai massage, and Osteopathy, stretching your body so it can realign itself and let go of unnecessary tensions.

What is Zenthai Shiatsu?


   Vibrant health requires blood and energy (Qi) to flow freely throughout the body. However, restrictions or even blockages can sometimes happen, due to stress, inappropriate diet, emotional or physical trauma, postural imbalances or even the invasion of external pathogens. When left untreated, these conditions may end up manifesting as illness.


    Traditional Chinese Medicine provides diagnostic tools to help detect those blockages at an early stage, and Zen Shiatsu allows to restore the balance through acupressure, cupping, moxibustion and diet and lifestyle advice. It also integrates Traditional Thai Massage to release muscular tension and energetic blockages, as well as Osteopathic techniques to free and bring space in articulations.


   I intend to assist your body in restoring and maintaining its balance. Each session is uniquely designed for your needs and will take you into a graceful dance, alternating between stretches and deep pressure, rocking and stillness… Let your body unravel stored tensions in what is sometimes referred to as 'lazy Yoga'. Deepen your own body awareness and allow your nervous system to drop down into a deeply relaxed state, where your body can realign and heal itself.

     I am deeply inspired by Peter Levine's work on trauma, as well as Marshall Rosenberg's Non Violent Communication. They both have profoundly shaped the way I relate and empathise.


    Sessions happen on a mat on the floor, and you remain fully clothed. They are followed by specific diet and lifestyle advice, as well as custom stretches that will help you maintain your open state in the long term.

     I am passionate about helping you be the best version of yourself, your greatest gift to the world.


     Learn more about Zenthai Shiatsu on my teacher Gwyn William's website:

Here's what he says about me:
"I highly recommend Patrick and his therapeutic offerings. He is highly regarded throughout the Zenthai Shiatsu community for his deep, sensitive and transformative sessions. I personally am deeply honoured for this beautiful soul to be sharing this art with such integrity" 

Gwyn Williams, founder of Zenthai Shiatsu


Symptoms commonly addressed include :


Spleen & Stomach

Digestive issues
Heavy legs



Lungs & Colon


Hunched posture

Skin ailments

Holding on & Grief

Depressed & Isolated


Kidneys & Bladder

Lower back & knee
Frequent urination
Low energy

Lack of Will


Liver & Gallbladder


Tense shoulders

Tension headaches





Heart & Small Intestine

Heart problems

Blood pressure


Fast speech

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How much does it cost?

   1 h   ...    $100

1.5 h   ...    $145 (recommended)

  2 h    ...    $190

Travel fee: $20

I also accept credit cards ($2 extra fee).
Concession fees also available. Please inquire.

24-hours Cancellation Policy

Cancellations with a notice inferior to 24 hours before the session will incur the full session price to be due.
When you give more than 24 hours notice, I am often able to fill that time slot with someone else. With short notice, I am unable to fill the slot. 

This is to honour both my time and my other client's time.
Thank you for your understanding.


Where am I?

  • Mobile therapist on Mondays, Tuesdays & Wednesdays

        I come to your place ($20 travel fee) or in a park in the Byron Shire.


You can also find me at the monthly markets in the Byron Bay shire (booking essential):


As well as a few festivals:


I also travel a few times a year to Sydney (special rates apply: $120 for 1h, $165 for 1.5h and $210 for 2h). Please send me your contact details if you would like me to get in touch about my next trip. 

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Workshop : the Water Element 


     Winter offers us the opportunity for deep healing of the Water Element within ourselves. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, our Kidneys are the repository of our Essence, or Jing. This store can get depleted by stress, fear, lack of rest or even cold weather. Cultivating this Essence is paramount to our vitality and longevity.

     During this 3 hours workshop, we will learn to tune into the manifestations of the Water Element in our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. We'll discover powerful Self Care practices to nurture our nervous system and build up our store of Essence. We will also explore what lifestyle practices support the Water Element. Finally, we will learn a Zenthai Shiatsu sequence that promotes harmony in our loved ones.


     You will step out empowered to make the best of the opportunities winter has to offer, more in tune with Life's natural cycles.


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