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Image by Su San Lee

Patrick Sterlin
Senior Zenthai Shiatsu Therapist
& Teacher

9 years experience
in the Byron Shire

what is Zenthai Shiatsu?

I help you connect with the parts of your Self holding protections.


Through powerful therapeutic bodywork, we can restore and maintain space and movement in your body, allowing for an optimal flow of vital energy that will benefit all aspects of your life.


Zenthai Shiatsu weaves together the arts of Zen Shiatsu, Traditional Thai massage, and Osteopathy, opening up your body so it can rebalance itself and let go of unnecessary tensions.

What is Zenthai Shiatsu?


    Zenthai Shiatsu combines the healing arts of Zen Shiatsu (based on Traditional Chinese Medicine), Traditional Thai Massage and Osteopathic techniques. The focus is on assessing and rebalancing movement limitations by releasing tight muscles and unwinding fascia. This encourages proper alignment and promotes the flow of Qi in the meridians, allowing all your body systems to function optimally and in harmony.

    I intend to assist your body in restoring and maintaining its balance. Each session is uniquely designed for your needs and will take you into a graceful dance, alternating between stretches and deep pressure, rocking and stillness… Together, we will unravel the layers of protective armour you have built and shed light on the limitations that have held you back. With patience, compassion, and unwavering support, I will hold space for you to explore these uncomfortable aspects of yourself. I invite you to delve deeper, acknowledging and processing these experiences so that you can move towards a state of profound peace, freedom, and expansion.

    Through our work together, you will cultivate a profound awareness of your body and mind, reestablishing a connection with the parts of yourself you have long avoided. By bringing the light of your presence to these neglected areas, you will begin to release the tension, pain, and emotional baggage that has accumulated over time. As you embark on this transformative journey, you will discover your true potential and embrace a life of authentic expression and vibrant well-being.


    Sessions happen on a mat on the floor, and you remain fully clothed. Cupping and moxibustion may be used when appropriate. They are followed by specific diet and lifestyle advice, as well as custom stretches that will help you maintain your open state in the long term.


     Learn more about Zenthai Shiatsu on my teacher Gwyn William's website:

Here's what he says about me:
"I highly recommend Patrick and his therapeutic offerings. He is highly regarded throughout the Zenthai Shiatsu community for his deep, sensitive and transformative sessions. I personally am deeply honoured for this beautiful soul to be sharing this art with such integrity" 

Gwyn Williams, founder of Zenthai Shiatsu

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Symptoms commonly addressed include :

Earth Element


Spleen & Stomach

Digestive issues
Heavy legs


Metal Element


Lungs & Colon


Hunched posture

Skin ailments

Holding on & Grief

Depressed & Isolated

Water Element


Kidneys & Bladder

Lower back & knee
Frequent urination
Low energy

Lack of Will

Wood Element


Liver & Gallbladder


Tense shoulders

Tension headaches




Fire Element


Heart & Small Intestine

Heart problems

Blood pressure


Fast speech


How much does it cost?

1h    ...    $110

                           1.5h   ...   $160 (recommended)

2h    ...    $210

extended   ...   $10+$100/h

Travel fee: $20

Credit Card payment fee: $2
Concession fees available. Please inquire.

Benefits of longer sessions

I work primarily with your nervous system, which is quite delicate and cannot be rushed. Longer sessions allow more spaciousness and a deeper unravelling of fixation patterns. This will lead to deeper and longer-lasting transformation.

24-hours Cancellation Policy

Cancellations with a notice inferior to 24 hours before the session will incur the full session price to be due.
When you give more than 24 hours notice, I am often able to fill that time slot with someone else. With short notice, I am unable to fill the slot. 

This is to honour both my time and my other client's time.
Thank you for your understanding.


Where am I?

Mobile therapist on Mondays & Tuesdays

        I come to your place ($20 travel fee) or in a park in Mullumbimby

Home Clinic on  Wednesdays

        Upper Wilsons Creek, a 25 scenic drive from Mullumbimby

        10 minutes drive from Lilium Cafe

        option to use our magnesium chemical free spa for up to 60 minutes after your session for an extra $20

You can also find me at the monthly markets in the Byron Bay shire (booking essential):

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Workshop : the Water Element 


     Winter offers us the opportunity for deep healing of the Water Element within ourselves. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, our Kidneys are the repository of our Essence, or Jing. This store can get depleted by stress, fear, lack of rest or even cold weather. Cultivating this Essence is paramount to our vitality and longevity.

     During this 3 hours workshop, we will learn to tune into the manifestations of the Water Element in our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. We'll discover powerful Self Care practices to nurture our nervous system and build up our store of Essence. We will also explore what lifestyle practices support the Water Element. Finally, we will learn a Zenthai Shiatsu sequence that promotes harmony in our loved ones.


     You will step out empowered to make the best of the opportunities winter has to offer, more in tune with Life's natural cycles.


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Contact :


(sms preferred)

Image by Su San Lee

Your well-being is your priority… 

May you be your greatest gift to the world...

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