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Confest, April 2015


I was back to Confest in April, for more mind extending, heart opening experiences. So much love !!!

Burning Seed festival, October 2013

Burning Seed 2013 is the fourth Australian regional Burning Man event. Australia's regional Burning Man event is a gathering like no other, a not-for-profit festival run by participants and based around art and community. 

the Rainbow Temple (Rosebank, NSW), September 2013

The Rainbow Temple is located in the hills half an hour from Byron Bay. Being a meeting place for people from all walks and paths, a catalyst for celebration, healing and inspiration.  It is and shall always be a work in progress... a continuance of becoming, reflective of the soul of human progress.

Easter Confest (Moulamein, NSW), March 2013

Confest (from Conference Festival) is a bush campout festival gathering people interested in making the world a better place. Workshops are organised by attendees about a wide variety of topics, such as ecology, meditation, politics, yoga, music, ...

Rainbow Corroboree, October 2013

The aboriginal mobs gather twice a year to celebrate the equinoxes. The celebration is a communication with the Dreamtime through dance, music and costumes. It happens in a very heavenly mystical place: the sacred Rocky River.

Melbourne, April-May 2013

I've come to Melbourne to get to know really interesting people I've met at Confest, and hopefully meet more of them.

Foxground, NSW, March 2013

Farmwork in a cattle farm in New South Wales. The top priority is to stop the invasion of bad weeds (mostly fireweed and giant parramatta grass).

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